XR Assets

Assets that have been made for XR.

Pressure Cooker: Week 1

During the first week I had not made any assets because I spent more time helping Alexander with the other students. Due to my wide knowledge in Blender (aproximatly 7 years of working with the program) I spent most of my morning helping others with their own problems and giving them tips.
One thing I did however was learn how I could create 1 texture in Blender and export it into another program to paint. I had previously only worked with materials and using multiple materials on a object instead of 1 texture. Which turns out to be more efficient in game-engines.

Pressure Cooker: Week 2

So to start off this week we had to make our own individual VR concept as mentioned in the previous section. Because my entire concept is all about navigating a maze i decided to make different kinds of maze pieces in Blender. Another thing i needed to keep in mind is that the maze pieces need to be modular, this means each piece needs to 'connect' to the next.
After modeling the pieces it was time to UV-unrwap them and start giving them a texture.
The final model pieces started to look pretty cool.
So after i had all the maze pieces done i wanted the players to have something they could protect themelves with. So some kind of weapon was needed.
I started to work on a few basic weapons. The next step was to start generating the maze.